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History of the Balmy Beach Club

The Balmy Beach Club, a non-profit organization has served Toronto, the Beach community and its amateur athlete members for 100 years. The Club land was deeded to the residents of the Beach by Sir Adam Wilson and the Balmy Beach Club was incorporated in 1903. Construction of the Club House was soon underway and it opened for its members in 1905.

Fire destroyed the Club House in 1936, but through the efforts of several of its members, it was rebuilt, only to have another fire destroy that Club House in 1963. Again, a number of members wasted little time in rebuilding the Club House and the present Club House was reopened in 1965.

Although the Balmy Beach Club was primarily made up of two sections, lawn bowling and paddling, the scope of its activities has varied somewhat over the years. From these two sections, three officers were appointed from each forming the Board of Directors of the Balmy Beach Club.

Lawn bowling remained just that, but the canoe club took under its jurisdiction the operations of the rugby club, the hockey club, the squash club, and other sports such as football, harriers, volleyball, basketball, deck tennis, surf boarding, tennis and anything that the members wanted to take part in. Needless to say, the membership of the canoe club kept growing and in 1972 the Constitution of The Balmy Beach Club was rewritten and the Board of Directors became an elected body by all members of The Balmy Beach Club.